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Staying Top Of Mind Creates Repeat Business

March 17, 20233 min read

As a restaurant owner, one of the biggest challenges is to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more. While there are several marketing strategies out there, using simple texts and emails can be one of the most effective ways to stay top of mind with your customers and create repeat business.

Why Simple Texts and Emails are Effective

Text and email marketing are effective for several reasons. Firstly, they are affordable, fast, and easy to use. You can create a text or email campaign within minutes and send it to your entire subscriber list in one go. Secondly, they allow you to keep your customers informed about your latest deals, promotions, and events. This way, your customers will always be aware of what's happening at your restaurant and what's new on the menu. Finally, texts and emails are personal, and they create a direct line of communication between you and your customers.

Growing Your Contact List

To get started with text and email marketing, you need to have a list of subscribers who have opted in to receive your messages. There are several ways to grow your contact list. Firstly, you can use social media to promote your text and email campaigns. For example, you can create a post on Facebook or Instagram inviting your followers to sign up for your text and email list. Secondly, you can promote your campaigns on your website. Add a sign-up form to your website so that visitors can easily subscribe to your text and email list. Thirdly, you can use in-person techniques such as offering discounts or freebies to customers who sign up for your list.

Creating Effective Texts and Emails

Now that you have a list of subscribers, it's time to create effective texts and emails that will keep your customers engaged. Firstly, keep your messages short and to the point. Your customers are busy, so they don't have time to read long messages. Secondly, make sure your messages are personalized. Address your customers by name and tailor your messages to their interests. For example, if you know that a customer loves pizza, send them a text or email about your latest pizza promotion. Finally, make sure your messages are visually appealing. Use images and graphics to make your messages stand out.

Using a System to Handle All These Tasks

Managing a text and email campaign can be time-consuming, especially if you have a large subscriber list. That's where a system like comes in. is an all-in-one marketing platform that can handle all your text and email marketing needs. It allows you to create and send messages, manage your subscriber list, and track your results. With, you can save time and focus on running your restaurant while your marketing campaigns run in the background.

In conclusion, using simple texts and emails can be an effective way to stay top of mind with your customers and create repeat business. By growing your contact list, creating effective messages, and using a system like, you can streamline your marketing efforts and focus on providing a great dining experience for your customers.

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